Manage your debt with ease

Set debt payoff goals, monitor your progress, and stay on track to become debt-free.

Get the full picture

See your account balance across all your accounts and make debt payments under one view. 

Why Debtry?

Not all debt is bad, but Debtry gives you a big picture view so you can take action across your money and credit to be more financially fit.

Get realtime information

Artificial Intelligence ensures that you get real-time information of your finances, serving up the insights that matter.

Reach your goals

Get a comprehensive view of your money health and the steps needed to improve it. 

Set and track your debt payoff goals

The only way to actually pay off debts is to set a goal and create a plan. With Debtry, you can now do so easily, in one place. Set debt payoff goals, monitor your progress, and stay on track to become debt-free.

Debt payoff
+15% vs last 6 mths

Debt to income
-32% vs last 6 mths

Helps me avoid emergencies

Cashry is has helped me better plan my cashflow and I've been able to avoid emergencies. 

John McBudget

Emergency cash in 1-2-3

Shopping lenders through Cashry was easy! Now, I have the tools to be proactive to prevent emergencies from happening again!

Sara McSavings

Get the full picture

Get a visual representation of all your goals, by category. You can choose a goal category, set up your next financial goal, and track progress as the amount allocated for your goal increases.


Know where you've been and where you are going with powerful tools to help you stay on track.





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Bills & Utilities

Gifts & Donations


This is how it works

Join and get your member key

It’s simple and quick. You can sign up with your Apple or Google account, or enter your details manually.

Set your goals

Choose one or more financial goals you want to achieve to get access to the stores which will help you do that.

Select your plan

Depending on the number of features you choose, Goalry offers several plans.



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Reach all your financial goals

As a member of Debtry you get access to amazing tools to manage all your financial goals. The idea behind Goalry was to create a “financial goal mall.”  Based on your unique financial needs our machine learning presents financial stores to cover your needs.

Track spendings and save on bills

Budget tracking and planning

Cash flow tools and emergency cash

Debt payoff tracker and planner

Shop and compare insurance

Shop and compare loans

Shop and compare tax offers

Investment, net worth and retirement builder

Save money

Create budgets

Manage dept

Shop loans

Get emergency cash

Compare insurance

Just exploring

Tax help

Maximize equity

Manage your debt with ease

Set debt payoff goals, monitor your progress, and stay on track to become debt-free.

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Monitor your debt to income ratio

With Debtry’s ‘Debt to Income’ tool, tracking this ratio is extremely easy. Connect all your account for the most accurate results.

Track current debts and get best payoff plan options

Not only can you monitor your debts and keep track of your payments, the Debtry store also helps you prioritize which debt you should tackle first, based on many factors. No more figuring out debt payoff plans by yourself. 


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